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Neretva 15-in-1 Bread Maker: Automatic, Gluten-Free, and Delicious

Freshly Baked Perfection Every Time: Introducing the Neretva Bread Maker Machine - 15-in-1 2LB Automatic Breadmaker with Gluten Free Sourdough Setting, Auto Nut Dispenser, and More!

- Customization: With the ability to choose between 2 loaf sizes and 3 crust colors, users can customize their bread to their exact preferences. This makes it a great option for those who like their bread a certain way or who want to experiment with different textures and flavors.
- Recipe book included: The included recipe book provides users with a variety of different bread recipes to try out, making it a great option for those who ar

The Neretva Bread Maker Machine is a versatile kitchen appliance that can help you create delicious bread at home. With its 15-in-1 functionality, you can make a wide range of bread types, including gluten-free and sourdough bread. The machine features an automatic nut dispenser, which makes it easy to add nuts and other ingredients to your bread. It also has a digital display and a 1-hour keep-warm function, so you can enjoy fresh bread whenever you want. The machine comes with a recipe book, which includes step-by-step instructions for making different types of bread. With two loaf sizes and three crust colors to choose from, the Neretva Bread Maker Machine is perfect for anyone who loves fresh, homemade bread.