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Green Bread Master - 20-in-1 Automatic Bread Maker with Gluten Free Pizza Sourdough Setting

Experience the Ultimate Bread Making Convenience with Neretva's 20-in-1 Automatic Bread Maker Machine - Perfect for Gluten-Free, Pizza, and Sourdough Breads!

- Customization: With two different loaf sizes and three crust colors to choose from, you can customize your bread to your liking. This allows you to create the perfect loaf every time, whether you prefer a soft, light crust or a crispy, golden one.
- Recipe Book: The included recipe book provides a variety of delicious bread recipes to try, making it easy to experiment with different flavors and styles. This is especially helpful for those who are new to bread making or looking to expand their repertoire.

Introducing the Neretva Bread Maker Machine, the perfect addition to any kitchen for those who love the taste and smell of freshly baked bread. This 20-in-1 machine can make a variety of breads, including gluten-free, pizza, and sourdough, with the touch of a button. The digital, programmable settings allow you to customize your bread to your liking, with options for 2 loaf sizes and 3 crust colors. The 1 hour keep warm feature ensures that your bread stays warm and fresh even after baking. The machine also comes with a recipe book, so you can experiment with different types of bread and find your favorites. Available in a stylish green color, the Neretva Bread Maker Machine is a must-have for any bread lover.